Ring Sizing Guide

Below are instructions on determining your ring size and using the FREE ring size adjuster that is provided when you order a ring from us.

Determining your ring size

1. Measure either the internal circumference or diameter of the ring you're looking to decorate with a ring
2. Use the following table to determine your ring size

Using your FREE ring size adjuster

  • The Ring size adjuster is made of TPU and so comfortable that you even don't feel it's there
  • 3 Sizes of ring adjuster included: Round Tubing in 2mm wide; Flat Tubing in 2mm and Flat Tubing in 3mm wide
  • Each adjuster is 10cm long and can be shortened to adjust size reduction
  • Easy to use, these ring size adjusters are designed to stay put whenever you take off the ring

Step 1 - Chose your adjuster tube size

Step 2 - Fit and cut the adjuster to suit

Step 3 - You're now all set, the adjuster should sit comfortably